10 Moves For Runway-Worthy Legs

Supermodels seem like they’re sculpted to perfection. It makes sense–hundreds of people are constantly staring at them as they strut the catwalk the tiniest of ensembles. Or, in the case of Victoria’s Secret Angels, millions of people can gawk from the comfort of their living rooms during the fashion show each year.

Izabel Goulart, the Brazilian bombshell who donned Angel wings from 2008 to 2014, knows all about the pressure to be fit. Her hashtag #BodyByIza serves up daily fitness inspiration on her Instagram with snapshots of delicious, healthy food and the totally badass workout routines she does to stay runway-ready year-round.

While most of us mere mortals won’t ever have to experience gliding along a runway in a teeny bikini, who’s to say the sidewalk isn’t just as intimidating some days–aren’t we all guilty of people-watching at some point?

And sure, good genes will get you far in the world of 5’10 models with endless legs and perfectly-toned tushes, but thanks to #BodyByIza there is a glimmer of hope that with a little sweat, even the shortest ladies can score longer, leaner-looking legs. To prove it, we assembled some of the best #BodyByIza fitspiration to create a killer list of lower-body moves to add to your daily routine.

Jump Rope