15 Reasons Women Are The Most Amazing Friends You’ll Ever Have

Who is the one woman in your life who would kick your butt off the sofa if you sat there downing a pint of ice cream feeling sorry for yourself? This is the friend that would rather talk about your job than your love life, and doesn’t want to gossip about the lives of people you used to know in an effort to make yourselves feel better. She’s got bigger fish to fry–and she knows you do, too.

If you can’t think of her you’re not totally alone. In fact, we’re probably more guilty of falling into the darker side of the relationship—being the one that ranks other women based on their looks, judges them based on mistakes rather than successes, avoids being their friend because we don’t want to be overshadowed by their success… Even Kelly Rowland came clean that she had issues dealing with uber successful besties. I mean, can you imagine if all your career milestones were pitted against a woman with the universally-accepted nickname, “Queen B”?

But if Kelly got over it, so can you and here’s why you should: Shine Theory. Beside being a baller name that makes us feel like dazzling HBICs running the world, the message behind it is a truly empowering (and honest) one: Get over your fear of successful women. When you befriend them instead of belittle them, co-create with them instead of compete against them, inspire each other instead of insult behind your backs, life and the results in more shimmery successes for both of you!

Check these 15 reasons women make amazing friends and share with the ladies in your life. Chances are, you have more than one woman in your life that embodies all these things, and maybe it’s time you called her your friend…

1We Know There Is Serious Strength In Numbers

Our careers seem like gym class all over again. It seems like gender quotas are obligatory. Does the phrase “We need X-amount of girls on each team,” ring a bell? You heard it as young as elementary school, and like it or not, it’s stuck with you today. You knew, even then, that only the best girls get picked for the select spots that exist out there.

Who says teams need to be perfectly balanced co-ed?  There’s no limit to how many women need to be in a room. We get there because we belong there—not because we’re the token woman, whatever that means. A surefire way to have less women at the top is to constantly be too caught up in imaginary quotas and competition to acknowledge each other’s success. Who knows? That #girlboss and you could share the glory of co-ownership in something great one day.

2We Are Constantly Learning From Each Other

From past heartbreaks, to resume fails, and poor wardrobe decisions—wouldn’t you rather be seeking advice from someone you semi-admire than secretly think is a train wreak? Harsh words, true story.

3People Will Know You By The Flawless Company You Keep

Taylor Swift alone is an incredibly successful, world-renown, Grammy-winning pop star. But ever notice how TSwift looks way more BA when she rolls deep with a squad of equally-awesome 20-somethings? Everyone in her crew is great at what they do, and it makes you feel like together that group of women is unstoppable. No wonder she’s writing hit songs–she has Karly Kloss as a style advisor and Gigi Hadid as a “love yourself” guru.