35 Signs You Went To College In A Big City

It was always your dream to be a chic city dweller. You knew you would have to work hard to make it in the concrete jungle, but you didn’t realize how far from glamorous it actually was. Share these very real struggles of going to college in the city!

1Good Luck Affording Anything

You’re surrounded by culture, food, a zillion concerts to chose from–too bad you don’t have any money for these things. All yours is going toward rent and overpriced takeout.

2You Think Of Squirrels As “Wildlife”

Nature is a limited to parks and the occassional tree. Seeing a squirrel is probably the closest you’ll come to “wild” animals in the city–unless you’re counting rats, too…

3Driving Places Is A Luxury

You never thought you’d miss your car so much. Being able to drive when and where you want without waiting for public transit seems like a distant memory.