Turns Out Chocolate Is The BEST Medicine!

If a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, imagine what an entire bar of the sweet stuff will do. Chocolate is more effective at relieving symptoms of the common cold than codeine, finds British researchers.

Cocoa’s active ingredient, theobromine, has a more soothing effect on your scratchy throat than the heavy-duty cough syrup you’ve been forcing yourself to take.

In the study, people were given a 1,000 mg tablet of theobromine to treat their chronic cough. Up to 60 percent of the group found relief.

Looks like it’s time to treat yo’self when you’re sick. One bar of dark chocolate contains about 1500 mg of theobromine per ounce.

So, next time you feel a cold coming on grab a bar and munch in moderation. Researchers warn that although chocolate might have a clinical application now, that isn’t license to nom on it every day.

“Eating chocolate on a daily basis may have other unwanted effects, including weight gain and so on,” says lead study author, Alyn Morice, M.D.