10 Smart Closet Organizing Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Keeping your closet neat and in order can be a more difficult than zipping up your own dress. But if you have the proper tools and systems the ordeal can be a little bit easier to manage. Whether your closet is too small and over flowing with clothes or just doesn't have the proper shelving to house everything, there are certain hacks that can help you out. And the nice thing abut these DIY tricks? You can just use things around your house to make them! Below are 10 closet organizing hacks every girl should know - try them and finally have a closet that doesn't stress you out.

Display Your Scarves Neatly

Are your scarves always jumbled up in a drawer or basket? It's hard to remember what you have if you don't actively see it, so organize them in your closet in an easy-to-see way by hooking them on shower curtain hooks and a sturdy wooden hanger. (Pro tip: a plastic hanger will bend too much from the weight!) via From the Desk

Get Your Delicates Drawer Into Order

Make use of all those shoe boxes you'll acquire from boots season by using them as organizing bins in your delicates drawer. It looks like something straight out of a store display this way. via I Heart Organizing

Arrange Your Flip Flops And Flats

Instead of having your flip flops and flats jumbled on the bottom of the closet, hang them on DIY hooks by cutting a wire hanger in half and twisting it outwards. No more shoe clutter! via EPBOT

And Get Your Heels In Order

Want an easy and pretty way to organize your heels? Shoe racks are always a great idea, but sometimes you can't quite see all the options when they're at the bottom of the closet. Instead, try buying a couple of pieces of crown molding and using it as a floating shoe rack. Easy access and completely organized! via Attic Mag

Store Shoes In Mail Holdershacks for closet storage

If you want a non-DIY version of shoe storage, try buying a couple of mail holders and sticking your flats into individual slots. via Awesome Inventions

Keep Your Clothes From Sliding Off Of Hangers

Keep slinky or slippery clothing from sliding off of the hangers by adding rubber bands to the ends. They're instant stoppers; you won't have to pick up clothes from the floor a hundred times anymore. via Real Simple

Organize Your Clutches With Kitchen Accessories

Buy a lid rack and use it as a clutch organizer- this way each purse has it's own individual home and stays upright on the shelf. via Fabulous Fashions 4 Sensible Style

Find A Pretty Way To Store Your Purses

Are your purses falling over themselves on your shelves? Buy pretty half-hoof shower curtain rings as individual purse hangers for your closet. This way they'll be easily accessible and displayed neatly. via Home Made By Carmona